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Choosing the Right Dress to Wear to a Wedding

Of all the dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest available how does one choose ?  This can be a most difficult decision for a woman in the days and weeks leading up to the ceremony.  You want to stand out from the crowd, but for all the right reasons of course.  You need not only a good taste in fashion but also an understanding of the various rules and etiquette that go along with attending a wedding.

The dress you choose will depend on the type of wedding, location and perhaps culture of the bride and groom.  You may need to know more about the wedding than you think so as to avoid making a fashion faux pas.  Some Brides and Grooms will tell their guests what the theme is and what type of attire is appropriate, but not all may do so.  Perhaps you can judge by the invitation what type of wedding this is.  If in doubt be sure to check in with the Bride and Groom.

A beach wedding for example would call for light summery style clothing, not your typical formal setting.  It wouldn’t be easy walking in the sand in a huge ball gown.  At the same time, an informal beach dress, although beautiful, would stand out for all the wrong reasons at a formal black tie style wedding.  Your favorite dress, which perhaps you have never looked more gorgeous in may not be suitable for the upcoming wedding because of where or when it is. So many decisions and factors to take into consideration you may find yourself taking days or even weeks to choose the dress you will wear to the wedding.

Further, when choosing dresses to wear to a wedding you want to be sure it is comfortable enough.  Sure ladies, you have endured great pain and agony to look great but a wedding ceremony and reception can last a whole day.  So be sure you can enjoy the day AND look great at the same time.  Moreover you will want to choose a dress that can be worn in the future.  It should only really be the Bride that wears her dress once.  Spending perhaps hundreds of dollars (although many gorgeous dresses are available for under $50) on a dress, you want to be sure to get your moneys worth and be able to wear it again and again.  Therefore a dress that is too faddy may not be a good idea as it may end up finding a permanent home in the back of the closet after it goes out of fashion.

Don’t forget if you out do the Bride you will have committed one of the wedding guest cardinal sins.  This is HER day so you need to hover slightly under the radar and be sure most of the attention goes to the Bride and Bridal party.  However, Mr Right may be attending this wedding so how will he notice you ? Finding the right balance can be tricky.

What message do you want to send out about yourself ? Are you sophisticated ? available ? desperate ? What are the best features (and worst) of your body? The right dress can create beautiful illusions, conversely the wrong dress can make you look much worse than you actually do.

The goal of this dresses to wear to a wedding site is to help you make that decision. It has been designed to quickly give you a selection of only the most gorgeous dresses and outfits suitable for wearing to a wedding as a guest. You can browse by color, price, style or theme to quickly get you looking at the dresses, outfits and gowns that are right for you. Happy shopping and enjoy the ceremony !

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